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Why Revelstoke Iron Grizzly?

Revelstoke Iron Grizzly

The Revelstoke Iron Grizzly cover system consists of a series of durable steel panels that effectively provides coverage to the active face of a landfill. Each panel is constructed with a vector belt along the length which conforms to the uneven surface of the waste.  The vector belts overlap each panel eliminating the possibility of gaps in the cover deterring insects, birds and rodents from entering the waste cell.


Product Description


The Revelstoke Iron Grizzly is recognized as a Best Management Practice by the British Columbia Ministry of Environment. - (Contestoga-Rovers & Associates, 2011)

Due to the R.I.G's robust material, scavengers are unable to remove the panels and dig through the waste. Even the Grizzly Bear is no match for this system, which is the inspiration for the product's name.




The Revelstoke Iron Grizzly is impermeable and, when in use, prevents precipitation from entering the active face which aids in reducing leachate production. The panels are fire-proof and have a smothering effect, reducing the risk of a fire.





"We used to get a lot of Ravens around, but since we started using the Revelstoke Iron Grizzly we have none!" - James Linton (Landfill Operator at Salmon Arm Landfill)


Contestoga-Rovers & Associates. (2011). Technologies and Best Management Practices for Reducing GHG Emissions from Landfills Guidelines. British Columbia Ministry of Environment.