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Revelstoke Iron Grizzly was founded by brothers, Scott and Brett Renaud. The Renauds had years of experience in the waste industry before taking control of site operations at the Revelstoke Landfill, located in the heart of British Columbia's Rocky Mountains, in 2007. With the brothers’ focus on maximizing efficiency, they were quick to realize time and money was being wasted hauling soil every day.

The Renauds searched the market for an alternative daily cover and were discouraged by the challenges of the available systems, for example, tearing of tarps, the high price of foam, and the rigorous pre-labour and post-labour required for spray-on material. Their pragmatic approach to problem solving lead to their own development of the Revelstoke Iron Grizzly cover system; an alternative daily cover which is simple in its design, effective on application, and exceptionally efficient in its use.




Following initial construction of the Revelstoke Iron Grizzly cover system, landfill expert Dr. Tony Sperling, President of Sperling Hansen Associates, recognized the quality of the system and the efficiency it could provide to other landfill operations. Tony encouraged the Renaud brothers to make the product available to other operators so that they might also benefit from the Revelstoke Iron Grizzly.

Revelstoke Iron Grizzly has been accepted for use in British Columbia by the Ministry of Environment and is currently being used successfully at 19 different landfills across the province. This leading-edge, yet practical alternative daily cover system provides both environmental and economic benefits.

R.I.G. is committed to providing a quality product and ensuring customer satisfaction.

About Us