Revelstoke Iron Grizzly
Alternative Daily Cover

These easy-to-use panels are light enough to be effortlessly transported using a loader or an excavator, yet heavy enough that they do not tear nor get gathered up by the wind.

All of the panels are equipped with two T-hooks that allow a loader or excavator to pick them up and transport them. The T-hooks ensure the stability of the panels while being transported. The panels stack neatly when not in use as not to disrupt the landfill's daily progress. They can be stored right next to the active face each day so that fuel costs can be reduced.


Containment logs equipped with conveyance chains can also be purchased with this system. Two logs serve to provide boundaries for the active face making it easy to maintain the size and slope of the face. Conveyance chains are fastened to each log so that they may be attached to a loader or excavator bucket and easily repositioned. Controlling the size of the active face helps to maintain a neat and tidy site.

During winter months the application of the system is not impeded as snow can be easily removed from the cover system without causing it damage. This is accomplished simply by tilting the panel on initial pickup by the loader or excavator.

Applying the Revelstoke Iron Grizzly


Delivery of the R.I.G. system and operator training are available upon purchase of the Revelstoke Iron Grizzly cover system.


Use of the R.I.G. system encourages a confined waste cell resulting in a reduced amount of exposed refuse as well as effcient compaction in the smallest practical area which minimizes equipment operation time. Following compaction, a loader or excavator can drive smoothly over the compacted surface of the waste and easily place each panel.

Applying R.I.G.