Revelstoke Iron Grizzly

Conserving Airspace, Soil, Time, and Money

With an increasing population, there is an increasing amount of refuse entering our landfills, which consequently is causing airspace to become an extremely valuable commodity. Using a daily cover consisting of six inches of soil consumes not only copious amounts of airspace and soil, but also time and money.


Soil is not always near the active face and therefore must be transported over a distance, which increases time and fuel costs. Also, soil may not be at hand, in which case it must be purchased. Since daily soil cannot be practically removed once it has been applied, it results in less space for waste and therefore, less revenue is generated and the landfill's lifespan is reduced.   

What can be done???

Alternative Daily Cover System


In order to conserve airspace, the amount of soil cover that enters the landfill must be reduced while also maintaining a safe and clean site. To do this, we have developed the Revelstoke Iron Grizzly (R.I.G.): a durable, reusable, alternative daily cover system. This product is applied to the active face each night and removed each morning so that airspace is no longer a factor when dealing with daily cover creating more space for refuse and ultimately extending the lifespan of the landfill. During the day when not in use this system can be neatly placed right next to the active face as to reduce time of placement, as well as fuel costs.



“To cover the entire face with soil took an hour and a half. Using the Revelstoke Iron Grizzly takes about 15-20 minutes!” - Craig Hilson (General Contractor at Salmon Arm Landfill)